Rosco the Rascal at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Rosco the Rascal at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade by Shana Gorian

I finished reading this book three days ago and my review follows Gorian’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“This time it’s not Rosco who’s been making mischief – it’s the leprechauns! Rosco and Sparks are marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade accompanied by Rosco’s owners, brother and sister, James and Mandy. But Mandy thinks the leprechauns have jinxed her with bad luck, so when Sparks goes missing, what will it take for Rosco and the kids to find him? And will Mandy be able to restore her good luck, or will the leprechauns ruin her St. Patrick’s Day? Find out in this heartwarming, family adventure, complete with charming illustrations within the chapters. It’s the latest in the Rosco the Rascal series and the perfect addition to your child’s March reading list.”

I found Rosco to be an engaging character right from the start! Rosco the Rascal at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade had me hooked by the gorgeous cover art, and then by the magical story of the St Patrick Day Parade. Whether Irish or not, leprechauns are wonderful for children of all ages to read about. Old Irish folklore is harder for younger children to understand, but this allows for older children, parents, etcetera to get involved with their child and reading with them. Will Sparks be found? Can one be jinxed by a leprechaun? I highly recommend this fantastic children’s book and must rate this book as five stars!

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