Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir


Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir

Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir: Three Months, Three Generations, & Sixty Dachshunds by Lisa Fleetwood

I just finished reading this book and my review follows Fleetwood’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“Not just a book about pets. Not just a book about loss. And not just a book about travelling and broadening the mind.

Destination Dachshund rolls them all into one and takes you on a journey much further than the European adventure depicted within its pages. It is a book about coming to terms with loss of family and of much-loved family pets. It is a book filled with fun and laughter, even amidst the pain and heartache of bereavement. And above all it is a book about the love of a family.

From the shores of Sydney to Europe, Russia and the United States and back again, see the world through three generations, as they travel for 3 months on the vacation of a lifetime, filled with love, adventure, hope and recovery.

Written with tenderness and affection throughout, Destination Dachshund is a book which will have you laughing out loud and looking for one of these little dogs everywhere you go.”

I must admit that the cover had me from the start – so heartwarming. I admire anyone who can plan an 88 day vacation that covers 15 countries over the holidays. I was sad when Christmas came and the family mourned their loss of a loved one who passed before the trip was taken. The loss of, and the manner of the loss of one of their dachshunds was sad as well. All that part aside, this memoir invokes a warm feeling during many humorous and not so humorous adventures while on vacation. Fleetwood has a knack for the sights and sounds of their travels, rich history of what they did and saw, and I would have loved to have been on that trip. While at Auschwitz, I had to stop reading just that part; however, it is an important piece of history and one that everyone should know about (of course I do know the history quite well) and as such, is a commendable part of this memoir. The style of writing, the grammar, everything is perfect so I rate this book as five stars.

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