Whisper Bay: Oliver & Chloe


Whisper Bay: Oliver & Chloe by Sybil Shae

I read this novella and my review follows the author’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“Meet Chloe Tyson and Oliver Pettigrew from Whisper Bay, a small community where everyone knows everyone or at least they think they do. 

Oliver is a mysterious young man who has just returned home to Whisper Bay. No one really knows anything about him and really doesn’t seem to want to either. Except for Chloe, she needs to know all she can—her life as she knows it depends on it.
Can a socially awkward young man and a lonely young woman that has been deemed worthless by everyone who is supposed to love her, find hope—together?”


This novella is a truly nice clean read for those in high school and most all young adult readers. The characters of Chloe and Oliver are good, but the story lacks insight as to how Oliver grew up and became the person he is in this book. I was able to connect with Chloe and her abusive extended family as I could understand her feelings. I would have liked to know more about Chloe’s mother, though. A friend of Chloe’s, Aralia, per her parents, isn’t allowed to have Chloe as a friend, yet nothing is said as to why this is so. It is refreshing to read about what older teenagers feel and the things they endure in school and college. One’s first real love and finding what true love really is makes for a nice story. The pace is fast, and fairly well-written. A few line edits need to done, but other than that this fictional novella rates as four stars due to lack of more insight into Chloe’s mother, Oliver’s childhood, and why Aralia’s parents are against their friendship.


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