A Devon Rex Tale by A.M. Lewis


A Devon Rex Tale by A.M. Lewis

My review follows the author’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“A beautiful Devon Rex kitty named Enock has a huge secret. He can read. Enock learns that books can take him anywhere he wants to go. He also learns that books like the Bible are instructions for us, not just stories. He has many adventures and makes many colourful friends in every book he reads. English editions of the rest of the series coming soon.”


This is a well-crafted children’s adventure book containing multiple adventures in which a kitty named Enock reads and sees through his own eyes. A cat which reads, and immerses itself into each story is brought alive through not only the narrative, but also in the vibrant plasticine illustrations. This fantasy book for children is the first in which I’ve seen plasticine used, and not only vivid and bold, they are unique, and fit the narrative perfectly. Five Stars!

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