7 Ways to Handle Reviews: Brought to you Buy Tongue & Cheek

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We all want reviews and there’s always the one that makes us regret politely asking that people leave reviews.  Then we go right back to asking for them because they’re part of the life blood of an author.  Reviews are the highs and lows of our adventure, which are becoming harder and harder to come by.  Now, the methods of getting reviews are numerous in amount and range all across the morality spectrum.  Instead of poking fun at how we get them, I’m going to give some T&C tips about reacting properly.  I have to say this is humorous because it’s a topic that people take very seriously.  Been there before and don’t have any plans of revisiting that debate again.

  1. Do NOT publicly react to negative reviews even if they get personal.  If you have loyal readers then they will handle it, but responding in person…

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