How Many Writers Do This?


I’m curious (sorta like squirrels are) and I would like to know how many of you go to your countries copy right office and register each book you write? I ask as I am involved in a copyright nightmare that just doesn’t end. My screenplays were copyrighted by me through the USA copyright office. 

For those of you who don’t know, our book, Suzy Has A Secret was published in March of 2016. In September of 2017 another author published the same kind of book, Same title (we have no problem with that), same topic (we have no problem with that) they used much of our wordage for their book. It has become a nightmare over the last few days. Amazon has suppressed both softcover and KDP did the same. Due to this issue, a few weeks ago I reported them to Amazon for violation of our content published a year and a half before they published theirs. 

I don’t know what is going to happen now, but I did just now copyright four books this evening with the USA copyright office. I’m so tired of the other party doing this to me – out of malice. The four books I submitted for copyright this evening are When Angels Fly, Suzy Has A Secret, The Big Cheese Festival, and Shadow and Friends Celebrate Ellsworth, KS 150th Birthday

Was I just too late in doing this???? I am despondent over this issue. I need feedback please. Thank you.


21 thoughts on “How Many Writers Do This?

  1. I was always told you didn’t need to, but I always have.I would think it being online already is proof enough, but I really don’t know how it works. I am sorry you are still going through this, but glad to hear you are copyrighting your books now. That book was important in our house and its too bad someone took it and did that. I wonder how often it happens and we just don’t find out? Has the person doing this done it before? Please keep us posted on this issue.

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    • Being online for a year and half means nothing to them. How long after you submit your copy right do you wait to publish? Hang on to your copy. Of everything. Amazon has threatened to remove all of our books and ban us from Create Space and KDP. I’m tearful.


      • I copyright right before I publish. It takes them quite a while to go through the process, but I figure they have it now so its okay. I’m not sure I understand why Amazon would want to remove you for someone copy your book? That’s very confusing to me. Will keep you in my prayers this will resolve for you very soon.

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      • From:
        Sent: Monday, November 6, 2017 3:48 PM
        Subject: Your Amazon KDP Book


        A third party contacted us claiming that the distribution of the following
        title you submitted for sale through Amazon may not be properly authorized
        by the appropriate rights holder:

        Suzy Has A Secret by S. Jackson, A. Raymond ; (B01CRDLJB6)

        As a result, we’ve suspended sales of this title. We will consider
        reinstatement if you provide valid documentation proving you have rights to
        publish this title or the claimant contacts us at
        and confirms that you have the necessary rights to sell the disputed book on

        Below is the contact information of the third party who claims rights to the
        title in question. We expect that you’ll compensate this party appropriately
        for any infringing copies sold:

        Carolina Leuthner & Deborah H. Nichols

        We take violations of intellectual property rights very seriously. The
        submission of titles that violate third-party rights is a violation of our
        agreement and may lead to suspension or termination of your account, among
        other remedies such as access to optional services being revoked. Please
        ensure that you own sufficient rights for all your titles to publish them on

        If you would like to review our Copyright Guidelines, please visit:

        Best regards,

        Charles V.

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      • Do you have the old art and copies of it as you were creating it? I would think that would be plenty to show your ownership of it. I’m surprised the ones taking it are challenging the author. I always send myself my work in emails in case my computer crashes and that would be a great way to prove it, too. Hand written notes, files on computer show a date when created. Hope you can resolve this soon, Mary. I heard a long time ago to send the manuscript in the mail to yourself unopened…but that doesn’t help you now. Sorry you are dealing with this. Maybe one of the indie websites could give you some better insight on how to deal with this?

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      • I do D.L. Create Space and KDP both know I created this and published it a year and half before they did theirs. When writing ‘When Angels Fly, I mailed it to me unopened. The screen-play I did copyright. This is just a nightmare. I have 15 books published since 2015. They have one published in September this year, 2017.


  2. This is so depressing! I’m sorry you are going through this time-consuming ordeal. I wish you a fast resolution. It should not take long. It seems to me, since your work was published one and a half years before the other book, that Create Space (part of Amazon) could step up for you and quickly end your nightmare.


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