The City Kittens and the Old House Cat


The City Kittens and the Old House Cat by Mrs. D.

From the author:

“Mom’s Choice Award Winner 

Readers’ Favorite International Award Winner

Age 6-8

This story revolves around Christmastime and a family who once adopted a lost kitten, naming it Nyda. Nyda has now grown old and has settled into a calm, uneventful life with her new family-until the day before Christmas, when the family’s older daughter brings two playful kittens, Mickey and Jack, home for the holidays. The two kittens from the big city are a change for the family, and for Nyda. The old cat likes her settled life and is not happy about the new arrivals. She’s also very protective of her belongings. The city kittens annoy her, and the old cat grumbles about the new additions to the family- until she hears a story one night that makes her feel bad. The kittens aren’t the soft or spoiled brats she had thought they were … Mrs. D. (Olga D’Agostino), an award-winning author, grew up on a farm in a village nestled in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine. Surrounded by nature and the real world, without TV and toys, she learned to read at a very early age, and books then became a huge part ofher life. As a child, she used to create her own imaginary world populated with characters from books she read. She finished business college in Lviv, Ukraine. To escape the harsh reality of life in the Soviet Union, she immigrated to the United States in 1992 with her two small daughters. For many years she worked in her own business. She is a member of SCBWI, speaks several languages fluently, and loves reading, writing, gardening, and traveling.”


Just like other books I have read from this author, The City Kittens and the Old House Cat was a heartwarming story, beautifully written and illustrated. Truly a family oriented book that inspires both children and adults alike. I clearly see why this book has won so many literary awards and well justified. Readers are taken into the mind of a cat’s point of view about the weather, house family members, holidays, and of course new kittens.

The old house cat was set in her ways, preferring no new kittens brought into the home. After finding out how they were rescued, the condition they had been in, the old house cat had a change of heart – all at the most special time of the year – Christmas!

Truly this story isn’t just for Christmas as it is fitting year round. The dynamics are written perfectly and one feels the emotions of the cats which, of course the old cat was territorial as cats are, yet in the end the story ties together and acceptance happens. Great for mid age primer and rate it as a five star book.

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