“Rorschach” Test ? Not!








About two weeks ago, I awoke to a vision unexpected. My right eye was trying to visualize through a black inky uneven and wavering blotch that was worse than any “Rorschach” test could wish to be. I was scared, afraid that I was having a retinal tear, and possibly undergo surgical intervention. After speaking with my eye surgeon, who did my cataract surgeries back in 2010, he had me go right in to see him. One aspect of his testing hurt my eye quite a bit, despite numbing drops.

Good News – no retinal tear or detached retina.

Bad News – In the Vitreous Humor (see diagram below), I had a nice bloody hemorrhage – a blood vessel decided to burst and now blood was moving around in my Vitreous Humor which is a gel-like substance. 

Really Good News – my blood pressure didn’t cause it, and I quote “as we age this can happen” from my doctor. Thanks doctor – I feel really old now. Also, my body will slowly, through osmosis, reabsorb all the blood that looked like black ink to me, and I have a follow up in four more weeks. Enough blood has been reabsorbed that I have a 50 percent recovery thus far. 

Reason for this Blog Post – If you should ever have a change in vision, in any manner, see a doctor immediately. Eye sight is precious and not to be taken for granted. 



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