I Can See You


I Can See You by Joss Landry

I finished this book a couple days ago and my review follows the author’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“Emma stuck her face to the window to watch the rain. Lightning in the background drew a fiery specter in the sky while her eyes traced the water droplets running down the pane like tears.”

Emma Willis is ten years old and has a secret. She not only inherited her grandmother’s power of sight, she can accomplish much more. Like most children without siblings growing up amongst adults, she is precocious yet at times lonely. 

When a murderer is loose in Newark, a maniac with a thirst for killing little girls, she begins to understand why her Granny Dottie called her sight a curse. She will need all her powers to catch a killer and help the people in her life: Detective Hank Apple, her teacher Christina Tyler, and her little family of three. Only … the madman knows who she is!


I must say that this book was a unique read and highly entertaining and interesting. My husband stole my paperback copy I had been reading and so I bought the Kindle version and read it on my phone.

Landry had no problem in making her characters stand out from the start. I fell in love with 10 year old little Emma. Emma is highly intuitive – actually, a lot more than that, and as such she is presented with things no one should need to know as her tender age; especially when murders have taken place and she knows what the perpetrator looks like, his eyes, and she is scared. I would be as well.

Learning about inherited powers and trying to filter all the commotion on her own, due to her father’s bitterness toward said powers is enormous. Emma becomes Detective Hank’s main informant, the story becomes more complex with the characters, and the twists and turns in this wonderful mystery, romance and suspense filled book. I won’t give away anything from the story in my review, but I will say I highly recommend this book! 5 Stars!!

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