Fairy Dust: Bedtime Tale #1


Fairy Dust: Bedtime Tale #1 by WJ Scott

My review follows the authors’ book blurb found on Amazon.

‘A wonderful start to this fantasy adventure. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 6-8 yrs.

Mischief and magic. Tinkers and fairies. Do you believe in magic?

Farran Sherwin cupped a hand to his ear and said, “I can’t hear you. Do you believe in fairies?”
The hall erupted into chaos as children sprang out of their seats, spilling popcorn under their feet as they yelled, “Yes!”
The tinker staggered as if he had been struck by a sound-wave and the children giggled.
Farran cocked his head. “Listen. Can you hear someone?”
A hush settled over the children. They perched on the edge of their seats, palms gripping the armrests. Their faces were pinched tight as they gazed up at the stage.
He widened his eyes and whispered, “She’s coming.”

Evelyn, an orphan, doesn’t believe in magic anymore, but then the meddlesome tinkers arrive in her village and change her world forever.

A bedtime tale to delight younger readers or those still young at heart. 

A heart-lifting tale suitable for junior readers or a perfect bedtime read by parents and grandparents for younger children. 

“Do you believe in fairies?” 

Fairy Dust is a well-written book for ages 6-8, and a book that can be read any time of the day or at bedtime. It is very short and fast paced, and the illustrations are gorgeous. I do think the shortness doesn’t help this book at all, and in places we went from one thing to another without a tie in. The author could add more dialogue and pages to make this a true children’s book size. Four Stars.  



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