5 Thoughts Your Publisher Has When Reading Your Manuscript

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We hear a lot about what WE should try to do when working towards publishing a book.  The steps are laid out for us, and although each one is lengthy in completion, we can generally figure out some type of process towards the progress we want.

However, do you ever wonder what’s going on inside the publisher’s head?  What are they thinking and looking for?  Is it true that they really get hundreds or even thousands of proposals a week?  Is your book stressing them out?  Are you wasting their time?  What is their process, and what steps do they take in publishing your book?  Well, I think it’s time that we talked about the answers to these questions.  Here is a list with the ten basics behind what a publisher is thinking, wanting, and planning.  Read on to find out what they are REALLY thinking.

1. “This book better…

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