Five Priceless Websites for Writers



woman-865111_640Every year Writer’s Digest comes out with an issue featuring the 101 best websites for writers. These are broken down by writing advice, agents and publishing resources, and writing communities, just to name a few.

With this magazine issue listing 101 websites with a brief paragraph each, plus all their regular columns, there isn’t enough space to fit them all.

The following are five additional sites that are priceless for your writing journey.

logo-squareSCRIBOPHILE ( Scribophile is an online writing and critiquing community. The site also offers writing contests, groups and forums by genre, and a blog full of writing advice, interviews, and many other helpful tidbits for both emerging and experienced writers.

Here’s how it works. You critique writing and earn Karma Points. Then you turn around and spend your Karma Points to post your work. Because you generally get 1-2 Karma…

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