Tales from the Riverside


Tales from the Riverside by Larry Landgraf

I finished reading this book today. My review follows the author’s book blurb found on Amazon.

Tales from the Riverside tells true and unique stories about one man’s struggle with alligators, snakes, killer bees, and hordes of nasty critters on a daily basis in his swamp. Experience the danger without the need for professional medical services. Life in a swamp is not for everyone.”

Tales from the Riversideis a relatively short story, interesting and includes photos and recipes. Each chapter is its own story, and at times there are stories within a story. Larry lives in a swamp, and like he wrote, “life in a swamp is not for everyone.” No one will ever find me in a swamp. Larry has a unique writing style and he is more than candid in these stories. I think one must be raised in a swamp in order to live there and be happy. As a hard working Texan, he has been successful in many areas. This book is rather intimate, and in doing so the reader is drawn to each word.

The fishing stories are great, especially when he notices his wife, Ellen, catching more fish. Humor is found throughout. I would never even think of trying to catch a moccasin snake, let alone be near one, or to make a hatband with it. Larry also eats a diverse diet of not only fish, but most of the critters (yes, he calls them critters) who live in the swamp as well. Cook up the alligators, fish, etc and SQUIRRELS! Oh Larry! You can’t eat the squirrels even though they like your peach orchard. Send them to me and we will put them in our backyard sanctuary! After Harvey most of them died during the hurricane.

One story scared the cr@p out of me and that was when he was doing work on a roof, and a propane tank exploded just below his belly button. I just knew he would die (as a registered nurse, I knew how grim the outcome looked), yet I also knew he didn’t die since obviously he is still alive. I leave that story for the readers and no spoilers. I had read his blog post last fall regarding Hurricane Harvey, and he does include that ordeal in this book. No spoilers from me though, you will find that Larry is just too tough to take down.

As a side note, maybe we will meet up sometime at the WSOP in Vegas! Five stars!

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