The End of an Era and the Dumbing of Society

My husband believes society is dumbing down…


Down by where I work a Toys r Us is in the process of shutting down. Big signs in the front windows say that there’s only seven more days left. Until recently, I had only been inside one time. This was back shortly after Star Wars: Episode I came out in 1999 and it had every Star Wars book, toy, and collectible imaginable filled the shelves. Every other commercial back then seemed to remind us all that we were Toys r Us kids, and just about every child’s favorite animal from the earliest age was a giraffe.

Walking through the store almost twenty years later, it’s shelves bare and no employee seeming to give a damn about their jobs as the end drew near, I almost choked up. It had never been a big part of my life; I remember my brother and I every time we passed by the…

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