The Four Types of Intellectual Property

Chipperson Law Group, P.C.

Trademarks Copyrights Patents Trade Secrets.Intellectual property which is also called the IP is a very misunderstood topic. It is misunderstood by the people because it is a boring topic not many of us would love to read or hear about this, not a very exciting topic.

First, let me tell you that there are four types of intellectual property and it is very important to understand all the four IP.

  • Patent: Patent basically is the right to exclude other people from making whatever you have created. But you have to disclose the process of how it is made and after your, patent runs out or expires which depends on when you got your patent the rest of the world too can go ahead and make what you have created. There are two types of patent:
  • Utility Patent
  • Design Patent

The whole thing to understand about a patent is that it doesn’t give you the…

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