Let Us Welcome Robert!


Please welcome author R.L. Seago to my blog. Thank you for joining me on my blog today, Robert. Shall we get started?

Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, spouse, kids, work, etc and how you started writing?

I currently live in northern California with my wife of 27 years, Anna, and our two fur babies Bella Rose and Sophie Marie. I am medically retired after nearly 40 years in healthcare, and have been writing steadily since 2009. I started in high school on the newspaper, and did some short term writing during my military stint. I am a former Navy Corpsman having served from 1980-1985, and use my extensive experience in healthcare as a background for much of my writing.

I have a total of 5 self -published works, The Chains That Bind, Voices of the Passed, Tears of the Innocent, The Rebirth of Innocence.

Tell us about your book.

My current work, titled There Are None So Blind, is a mystery suspense novel. CASSIDY DELGASO is a former Marine combat videographer who is sent home after being blinded in Afghanistan, who along with three others, are captured while trying to expose a cover up involving Bacha Bazi, the cruel ritual of abusing young boys in the Pakistani/Afghan culture. She owns a successful pet business and has received her black belt in Tae Kwan Do. She is also being stalked by a green eyed man who haunts her dreams every night.

Robert Final NSB

What are you currently working on?

The Wages of Sin is a mystery set in the Philippines in 1983-84, where NIS Agent Darvell Jackson is investigating not only the near fatal beating of a young sailor aboard the USS Texas, but is also assigned to find the person responsible for a series of murders of prostitutes and servicemen, leaving them with blue contact lenses glued to their eyes.

Do you have a special author style of writing?

Not really. I let the story and characters tell the story, I am simply the one behind the screen.

Do you write in more than one genre?

No. I prefer mystery/suspense. I am intrigued greatly by the evil that lurks in the hearts of men and women, and find it very useful in my writing.

What genres are your favorites to read?

Non-fiction, especially military. In fiction, I love a good mystery or scary novel that leaves me saying WTF at the end.

Tell us the authors who inspired you to write and how they inspired you.

Stephen King, Dean Koontz and William Diehl, for the ability to suck you in an read a book in one sitting. Primal Fear is probably my favorite fiction book, as well as John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men.

If a movie was made of your book, who would lead the cast and why?

In None So Blind, probably Michelle Rodriguez for Cassidy, as for the others it is really hard to say.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Rocky Road

If you won the lottery, would you still write? What places would you go? Charity donations?

Absolutely I would. I would buy myself a nice beachfront house, set up shop and turn the dogs and my wife loose on the beach. I would visit the Cayman Islands, Greece, Ireland and Scotland.

Tell us everything we want, as an audience, to know.

My books are straight from the hip, no BS, and I love to leave the reader going “Oh no he didn’t” at the end…lol I love to make people aware of life , its frailty and that absolutely nothing is as it seems. Follow your heart, your passion, and always, always be true to yourself.


You can reach Robert on his website, on Facebook, and on Amazon. Thank you for being my guest today. 


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