14 Tips for using InDesign for Fiction Authors


Publishing fontfacesDo you want professional looking print and ebooks to delight your readers? Of course you do!

Following my post about the best tools I found to create and produce books, here are some 14 specific, highly-useful tips about how to use Adobe InDesign to create print-ready PDF files and ready-to-upload ePubs for the best effect!

1. Using InDesign

First, let’s be clear that this is a tips column, not a general instruction on how to use InDesign. It’s a tool I love and have used to produce several books (mine and others’), but it has a steep learning curve and price. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you might want to get the 7-day free trial from Adobe. Spend those 7 days with some free learning resources (like YouTube videos) and play around with it. Refer to the list below as you go, and see if you can make sense of…

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