How to improve your writing with these simple rules

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Do you feel like rules stifle your creativity?

That too many rules, like cooks, ruin the outcome?

Well, following the rules need not be confusing. Thanks to Barbara Delinsky boils down the rules of writing to 5 easy to understand and follow.

  1. Homework.
    • Research will help you write about everything. Thank goodness for Google. Personally, I love researching a new topic. Too bad I get lost in all the cool info.
  2. Likable characters.
    • Everyone loves to cheer on the heroine and boo the villain. Don’t overdo their attributes.
  3. Scene purpose.
    • Write scenes that don’t distract or slow down your story.
  4. Move it, move it.
    • Keep the pace moving forward. Readers prefer heart-stopping speed to eloquent prose.
  5. Edit, and edit some more.
    • Edit everything. Edit typos, flow, context, inconsistencies, repetition, and boredom.

There you have it, my take on How to Write Like Delinsky: Five Rules Of Writing by Barbara Delinsky


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