ACX Audio Book Cover, A Semi-Tutorial

Dan Alatorre

img_2351-16 your humble host

Along the way of making an awesome book, you have to make or buy an awesome book cover.

Or three…

The eBook cover is the easiest, at least to me. Rectangle, taller than it is wide. Pretty straightforward.

The paperback isn’t much harder – still a vertical rectangle – but you have a book spine to consider, and also a back cover. Which means you have to think up other stuff to put in that space.

Still not hard, really, but there are additional decisions to make.

IMG_8179 Use the back cover to describe what’s inside the book? Put the blurb there? Use it as advertising by having select reviews? 

Decisions, decisions…

I use the back cover of the paperback to sell the book. Usually, a person is holding it at an event (and I am telling them how awesome it is). If they buy the book…

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