7 Reminders About Editing

K.M. Allan

They say writing is re-writing, and until you’ve sat down to write a book and discovered this, you don’t realize how true it is.

Tangled up in all that writing and re-writing is editing: that lovely process where you read your MS so many times, the thing you love becomes something you hate.

Editing can feel never-ending and often leaves you questioning if you’re improving your words or making them worse. It’s an important part of the writing process, though. One that will test you, but also help you make your book the story you want it to be. If you’re stuck in editing hell, first, say “Hi”, I’ve been here since June, and then familiarise yourself with these reminders…

It’s Just Words

They’re important and they’re needed and you may think they’re getting the better of you, but it’s just words. You can master them, arrange them…

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