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Over-directing along the cutting line.

Tallis Steelyard

9) over-directing along the cutting line.

Varnon Drane, more than any of his siblings, broke new ground when seeking a way to make a living. As a child he had always watched with fascination as his mother cut the hair of various members of the family. Eventually he took over the role and soon reached such a level of competence that the children of neighbours would come to him rather than let their own mother loose near them with scissors.

Now the cutting of hair is one of those areas where the deeper one looks into it, the more interesting it becomes. Across the city it is normal for a man to have his hair cut by his wife or his mother. I’ve heard many wives comment that it would be ridiculous to spend good money getting a man’s hair cut. Children get their hair cut by their mothers. Again, thrift wins out over artistry. But…

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Procrastination is a Self-Perpetuating Cycle: 9 Tips for Getting Unstuck – by Katie Davis…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Anne R. Allen site:

Procrastinating? Here’s how to break the pattern of putting off your writing.

When the year begins, all fresh and shiny, we tend to make promises to ourselves.

When we first took over the Institute for Writers, I wanted to help our community of writers––our students––so I polled them. I asked, “What do you think the top two reasons are for not starting (or continuing) your book?”

I thought the big answer would be “getting an agent” or “lack of publishing knowledge”, or something like that. The top answer by far was procrastination. Procrastination can grab hold and become a habit. It can allow you to play mind games with yourself.

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PDF Element: An Alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC

Nicholas C. Rossis

When I started writing my own books, I realized I also needed to format them. At first, I worked with a graphics artist who handled that for me and sent me a PDF file, ready for upload to CreateSpace.

A few weeks after uploading the manuscript, realized I needed to make a few changes. Readers had noticed a few typos and notified me. I had made a couple of extra changes myself. And later on, I decided to change the numbering of my books.

It soon became clear I couldn’t bother my poor designer every time I needed to edit something. So, I started looking into ways to edit my PDF manuscript myself. To my surprise, there didn’t seem to to be an easy, affordable way of doing so. Adobe’s own software, Acrobat DC, is priced at almost $20/month; a deal that was unaffordable. I don’t like subscription-based software in general, and…

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Common Self-Publishing Blunders And How You Can Avoid Them – by Derek Haines…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Just Publishing Advice:

You only get one chance to publish your book

New authors often think it is so easy to self-publish with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Smashwords or Draft2Digital.

It is true that uploading and publishing a Microsoft Word file and a quick homemade book cover is insanely fast and straightforward.

You can do it in under five minutes and have your book published and on sale in less than twenty-four hours. On top of that, you can do it all for free.

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What Is Public Domain? (And Why 2019 Is a Big Year) – by Bradlee Frazer…

Great information on copyrights and how January 1, 2019, changed many things.

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on Jane Friedman site:

The “public domain” is not a place. It is a term used to describe works of authorship (books, movies, poetry, artwork) that either due to their age or their legal status under U.S. copyright law, the ability of the putative copyright owner to enforce its rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 106 is extinguished.

Boy, that’s a mouthful of lawyer-speak, right?

To explain: when a sufficiently creative idea is reduced to a tangible medium, a copyright is created.

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Sharing my friend, Lucinda’s, lovely blog post and books..

lucinda E Clarke


Of course, the main attraction in Prague is the castle. And, I know why they put castles on top of hills – so they could see who was coming to attack – but I don’t do hills. Luckily there was a bus that took us most of the way up, and dropped us in this square.

3c10fff7-dc28-4c4a-91a8-ca0ecd4fe7cd - copy87ba8a20-ca7b-40c9-9461-fa06438aa14a0ed4faeb-1a03-40cd-9491-f6a8dfaf244cHISTORY – ISABELLA OF SPAIN

Considering Isabella had never met Ferdinand, I can only think she decided he was the ‘one’ as they were about the same age – she is 19 and he’s all of 18. She would have seen a portrait I’m sure, but boy did the painters in those days lie through their brushes.

fedinand 3

But their royal marriage will be one of the few where the bride and groom are so close in age. Remember, while Disney tells us they lead happy, delightful lives, in reality they were…

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2018 Top 5: #3- 7 Tips to Being Dramatic . . . In Fiction

Legends of Windemere

This post originally went live on February 14, 2018.  Weird that the first of the Top 5 are from early in 2018.

Yahoo Image Search

Adding drama into your writing can be tough and many are leery about adding this due it skewing toward the negative.  Yet, it’s fairly unavoidable if you sit down and consider what can be born from it.  We may even add it without realizing what we’re doing.  There are days I think we all have different views and definitions of drama.  Some people consider it a genre while others call it a literary tool.  So, are there any tips that can cross every genre and be seen as universal?

  1. Drama tends to be seen as highly emotional, which means it can be the cornerstone of conflict.  When a person or character goes through change, they have emotions that guide them just as much as…

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4 Tips For Authors in Public. How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen – by Nate Hoffelder…

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on The Creative Penn:

Intro by Joanna Penn:

I’m an introvert – I get energy from being alone – and although I’m not shy, I do find author conferences and events difficult. Perhaps you feel the same! 

In today’s article, Nate Hoffelder from The Digital Reader shares his fears and tips for overcoming them. [Nate helps me with tech support for this website, so I’m thrilled to have him share a more personal story.]

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Hashtag symbol in WordPress tags?


I love doing discussion posts because I always learn something – or at least I have another question to ask. LOL

This time I have a question for all of you WordPress bloggers.

Ever since I have been blogging I’ve been using categories and tags on my WordPress posts.  Both are useful to me (and hopefully to others) to categorize my posts.

A comment from my previous post about using Hashtags brings up this question:

Should we be using the # symbol in our WordPress tags?

I never have… but should I have been?

Thanks in advance.I have SO much to learn!

UPDATE: I received an answer to the question.

Benjamin Thomas (The Writing Train) says:

“It isn’t necessary to use # with WordPress for blogging. Unless, you wanted to track your site/blog by using a plugin. The use of categories and tagging is sufficient if…

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10 Things to do When Your Novel has Been Rejected by an Agent

Uninspired Writers

Morning all, I hope your week has been full of success and happiness.

I’m querying at the moment, which means I am receiving rejections in interludes, from agents I’ve submitted to. It’s such an odd experience, and I wanted to share some tips of how to handle your novel being rejected.

1. Allow yourself to be sad
Writers are constantly advised to develop a thick skin, and I agree. It’s a tough industry, one where we will come up against rejection, negative feedback and criticism. This doesn’t mean you can’t feel sad though. Allow yourself the negative emotions that come wit a rejection; sadness, disappointment, frustration, worry…go through them, but do not dwell on them for long.
“i give myself a good cry if i need it. but then i concentrate on the good things still in my life. i don't allow myself any more self-pity than that2. Treat yourself
You should only treat yourself when you’ve had success, right? Wrong! Writing, editing, revising and re-writing a novel is a gruelling task and a huge achievement. Crafting a submission and…

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