Hashtag symbol in WordPress tags?


I love doing discussion posts because I always learn something – or at least I have another question to ask. LOL

This time I have a question for all of you WordPress bloggers.

Ever since I have been blogging I’ve been using categories and tags on my WordPress posts.  Both are useful to me (and hopefully to others) to categorize my posts.

A comment from my previous post about using Hashtags brings up this question:

Should we be using the # symbol in our WordPress tags?

I never have… but should I have been?

Thanks in advance.I have SO much to learn!

UPDATE: I received an answer to the question.

Benjamin Thomas (The Writing Train) says:

“It isn’t necessary to use # with WordPress for blogging. Unless, you wanted to track your site/blog by using a plugin. The use of categories and tagging is sufficient if…

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