A Spark of Hope


A Spark of Hope: An Anthology of Poems for Saving Lives by many talented writers and poets. 

FREE on KOBO at the time of this post, and .99 cents on Amazon


Some poems are therapeutic, and some have been known to save lives. This anthology will hopefully ignite a Spark of Hope in someone

A Spark of Hope is meant to do just that, give hope where there was none. Their aim is to encourage us to appreciate and value life, it is a precious gift. To change the things we can and accept the ones we cannot change, always with that Spark of Hope in our sights.

A Spark of Hope is a collection of 49 hopeful poems, mostly by contemporary or new poets, both acclaimed and lesser known. These poems call us to the plight of the down-trodden, the victims without hope. It forces us to reach deep down within ourselves and retrieve a spark of hope to share and bring a bit of comfort to those who need it most… A Spark of Hope is all it takes sometimes!


Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and nearly 800,000 people take their lives each year because of it. In a selfless attempt to unite the world in awareness and offer a hand of strength, international authors from twenty-five countries have come together to publish poems of hope in dark times.  Their powerful words offer the assurance that many may need as they struggle through their personal shadows. I am enthusiastic that their words, their spark of hope can ignite a world-wide effort to reach those who need a hand, a hug, or just words of survival. ~ Kelly Artieri
Award-winning Author Executive Board of Directors – Newfane Public Library

My Review

I am in complete awe of what I have just read. So many great poets and prose writers have bared their souls in this anthology. Love shines above all else, even when a poet is surrounded by darkness, and seeking death, a small glimmer of light beckons, hope is found, and dark turns to the loving light of God. Aborted babies poem resonated through me. Yes, give that innocent life, that innocent had a soul at conception, a destiny, let the babe live, give for adoption if you must, but let it live. So many poems struck me deeply, and I am better for having read this book. Thank you. ~ Mary Schmidt, Multi Award-Winning Author, Poet, Contributor, and Registered Nurse

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