New and Improved Parenting for the New Year

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two parents standing holding the hand of a child between them and Dad holding the other child facing a body of water while the sun is setting

Dr. Valerie Allen

School Psychologist ~ Certified Case Manager

New and Improved
Parenting for the New Year

The New Year brings added
attention to the fact that children are in a constant state of growth and
development. One day your daughter is interested in dolls and tea parties and
the next she is experimenting with make-up and high heals. What happened to that lovable little boy who played so nicely with
the puppy? This is the same boy who now thinks you are his private taxi service.
In a matter of weeks or months, children’s needs and behaviors change and so
must our style of parenting. What worked at three may not work as well at 13.

The goal of parenting is to raise children who are independent of us. The job of a parent is to instill values and morals, so the child understands right from wrong and…

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