7 Signs you Have a Toxic Friend

It's Yusra Patni

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I know I haven’t uploaded a post in the longest time but recently, I’ve come across toxic friends and why they are bad for you and the signs that show that a person is a toxic friend and I thought to myself, this is a great idea for a post! So here are 7 signs that show you have a toxic friend.

screen-shot-2019-02-14-at-7.43.35-pm.png1. They criticize everything you do

This is a major sign in a toxic friendship, real friends do not bring you down, instead they push you to do better when you can be improved (looking at you J).

2. They are bitter when you gain something

Scoring full marks on a test causes this toxic friend to roll their eyes and groan, real friends would be genuinely happy.

3. No one is more stubborn

They will always have to be the boss…

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