Good Morning! ICCD!


Good Morning! I wanted to write something about childhood cancer today. Today, 15 Feb 2019, is International Childhood Cancer Day. The link to learn more about what ICCD is doing is found here as well. Please visit their site and learn all about what is new and going on with this organization. 


This is something extremely close to my heart, as most of you know that my youngest son, Sammy, suffered a horrid cancer battle. Please pray and send good thoughts and vibes, the world over, for these children.


Gold ribbons represent children who have, or had childhood cancer, as well as those who have passed away due to this disease. I have a new ribbon each year, with Sam’s name on it, placed on the Candlelighters National Christmas Tree. But today is International Childhood Cancer Day. I have a One Voice link for you and one in which you, my reader, can Act Now




Thank you.


My 2019 ICCD shirt with Sammy’s name on it. 





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