5 Awesome Marketing Sites for Authors

Watching the Daisies

All Author 30 Jan.If you are a new author, exploring book marketing sites, can become quite overwhelming.

I did not pay for any marketing for my memoir “Watching the Daisies,” (apart from a couple of short, unsuccessful campaigns which cost not a lot, but put me off paid marketing) for a total of eighteen months.

Meanwhile, I was able to build up book reviews, and form a solid foundation on both my blog and social media links.

I am forever thankful for all the support I received on my journey.

My previous post 20 Marketing Tips for New Authors includes my tried and tested FREE marketing tools for new authors.

Paid Book Marketing Sites

In May 2018, I dipped my toe back into the paid marketing waters once again.

Sticking to a modest monthly budget, I have spread my marketing campaign evenly over each month.

I have continued to build on my…

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