Caramel Sauce

Quick and easy!

In Dianes Kitchen


Who knew you can make this easy Caramel Sauce just by boiling water? I have wanted to try this method for years but I never thought it would work. Let me be the first to tell you……it really does work!


Ingredients – Yes that’s it but don’t open it!


Remove the label.


Fill a deep pot with enough water to

cover the can by at least 1”. If it gets

lower than 1” you will have to add

more water. I simmered mine with a

lid and didn’t need to add any more

water. Bring the water to a simmer

and simmer for three hours. Keep on eye

on it and adjust the temperature as

needed to keep it at a simmer.

Do NOT open the can.

 It will remain sealed the

entire simmering time.


Remove the pan from the heat.

Carefully remove the can from the water.

Let the can cool and then…

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