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6 Draft Checklist Ideas (And Why You Should Create Your Own)

K.M. Allan

Just as no two writers will write an idea the same way, drafting is a unique process as well.

Some authors may draft their MS in as little as five passes, others (raises hand) might have 20 odd drafts under their belt for certain works in progress.

When drafting is such a mammoth task, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’m not a planner for writing, but for editing and drafting, I find a plan makes all the difference.

To create such plans, checklists are my go-to, and when I’m close to the final draft stage, these are the six main things I scan for during a draft pass…

1. Repeats

I recommend every writer come up with their own Repeats List because we all have different words we use repeatedly. This advice also goes for phrases (I constantly use “looked as if”) and for movements. If every character is…

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A HUGE Honor Today

So happy, now I’m crying to be so honored by such a world wide literary organization. Happy Tears. This organization has writers from 105 countries united in Christ, many are Nobel Prize nominees, and United Nations literary chair holders.


Dear Authors,
The Ambassador De Literature award maintains qualitative literary ethics, it’s given with a dual purpose as below.

* To give focus on global talent

* To make sure all national micro talents are applauded and merged with the macro United world of literature

We have so far awarded, and identified talents in 28 nations. The people have been chosen with an unbiased approach attempting to cover all nations by Motivational Strips.  We have honoured from small countries to big nations like from Bhutan to US.  Our search for national talents of every countries continues and we will make sure that Motivational Strips will leave no stones unturned in finding national assets to merge them with International literary family. We will not be honouring the ADL with writers who profess politics in the name of literature.

This is reason that every national literary icons love to be honoured with the medal of Ambassador De Literature. They know that it’s an authentic recognition given with relevance to only writing and developing world literature. Today we have a special writer who is not only an asset to her nation but the international literary circle. She has successfully published 16 books and two of them are best sellers. She has won numerous authentic awards such as Reader’s Favourite, Literary Titan and many more …

Motivational Strips global Administration takes happiness in conferring the medal of


Mary L Schmidt
Country: USA 🇺🇸

The merits that was evaluated for Mary L Schmidt is as below:

✔️National Literary asset of US
✔️ International Asset to global Literature 
✔️ Recommendation from Lead Consultant Brenda Mohammed 
✔️ Holder of global repute awards such as Readers Favourite 
✔️ Global Exposure And Networking 
✔️ Additionally an illustrator 
✔️ADL Conveners Norms Met 
✔️Verifiable certifications
✔️Immense encouragement to global writers through consistent interactions in Motivational Strips 
✔️ Verified and accredited awards 
✔️ Researcher 
✔️Verified,Convincing and Approved by Motivational Strips Administration to the satisfaction of its Founder

Ref: ADL Story-Award Norms

Speaking more about Mary Schmidt, she writes under the pen names of S. Jackson and A. Raymond. She is a retired registered nurse (since 2012); a member of the Catholic Church, and has taught kindergarten Catechism; she has worked in various capacities for The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Cub and Boy Scouts, (son, Gene, is an Eagle Scout), and sponsored trips for high school music children. She loves all forms of art but mostly focuses on the visual arts; such as amateur photography, traditional, and graphic art as her health allows. She has written two bestselling books: the first is a memoir, “When Angels Fly”, and the other a book dealing with bullies, The Big Cheese Festival which is a picture book. She does her own covers and illustrations. Thus far she has published 16 books with five more in various stages of development. 

She has won many awards as listed here: 

When Angels Fly ~ 2018 International Bronze Medalist Reader’s Favorite

The Big Cheese Festival ~ 2017 Bronze Medal in the Children-Adventure Category at Readers Favorite Finalist

When Angels Fly:

New Apple Official Selection eBook Award 2016

Circle of Books Ring of Honor Silver 2nd Place Award 2016

Amazon Number One Best Selling Book 2016

McGrath House Indie Book Awards Finalist 2016

Readers Favorite Five Star Book Award 2017 

Literary Titan Silver 2nd Place Award 2017 

Book Excellence Award Finalist 2018

International Bronze Medalist Reader’s Favorite

The Big Cheese Festival:

Winner ~ 2016 Pinnacle Gold Award for Best Book in the Category of Children’s Adventure

Winner ~ 2017 Finalist IAN Book of the Year for Children’s Fiction 

Illustrated Finalist ~ 2018 Purple Dragonfly Winners

She is married to Michael and he uses the pen name of A. Raymond to collaborate on the children’s books with her. 

Motivational Strips Administration

Global Headquarters 
Location : Oman 🇴🇲 
1, Shiju H. Pallithazheth

🇺🇸 USA Office 
Sabrina Young
Forum Director

🇺🇸 USA office Administration
USA & Canada region 
1, Barbara Ehrentreu
2, Marc Oscar
3, Anne Thrope
Media-Co Ordinator
4, Timothy Payton
🇵🇦 PANAMA Office
1, Robert Allen Goodrich

🇳🇬 Nigeria Office 
Head – Africa Zone
1, Bose Eneduwe Adogah

🇵🇭 Philippines Office
Far East Countries Zone 
1, Faciol Maribel
2, Concepcion Gurieza Macuto

🇮🇩 Indonesia Office
1, Rini Valentina

🇧🇹 Bhutan Office
North East Countries zone 
1, DrRinzin Rinzin
2, Dawa Zangpo

🇮🇳 India Office
India and Middle East zone 
1, Williamsji Maveli
2, Poorvi AInspiraars
3, Destinyy Lightt Speakss
4, Swapna Behera

🇬🇷 Greece Office 
European Countries Zone 
1, Chrisoula Mitsaki
2, Andrea Le

🇬🇧 United Kingdom Office
UK & Ireland Zone 
1, Sarah Northwood
2, Andrew Fledgeling
3, Samantha Beardon

🇧🇴 Bolivia Office
1, Jackeline Barriga Nava

🇨🇴 Colombia Office
1, Emna Codepi

🇵🇰 Pakistan Branch 
Chief Advisor to Founder 
1, Muhammad Shanazar

🇵🇪 Peru Branch 
Chief Advisor to Founder 
1, Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén

🇹🇷 Turkey Office
1, Türkan Ergör

🇲🇦 Morocco Branch 
North African Countries Zone 
1, Houda Elfechtali

🇹🇿 Tanzania Branch 
1, Sakina Shabs

🇸🇨 Seychelles Office
East African Countries Zone 
1, Maggie Faure-Vidot

🇹🇹 Trinidad & Tobago Office
Caribbean Countries Zone
1, Arjune Teeluck

🇲🇽 Mexico Office
1, Noe Basurto

🇬🇭 Ghana Office
West Africa Region 
1, Waheed Musah

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan Office 
Central Asian Countries Zone 
1, Kairat Duissenov Parman
(Кайрат Дуйсен-Парман)

🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan Office
1, Perizat Almazova

Addnl CC
Brenda Mohammed
Lead Consultant

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How to Grow an Email Newsletter Starting from Zero – by Christina McDonald…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Jane Friedman:

An email list is your secret weapon for selling books—it is a direct connection to your reader.

But when I got my first book deal, I had no audience, no author Facebook page, and no email list.

I knew I needed to build awareness to give my book the best chance to succeed.

Here is my step-by-step guide to how I built my email list to 6,000 subscribers in one year.

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Why Creativity Can’t Be Taught

Writer's Treasure Chest

“What is creativity?

During my research I found there are about as many definitions of ‘creativity’ as there are people. For example:

Henry Rollins says: “Starting with nothing and ending up with something. Interpreting something you saw or experienced and processing it so it comes out different than how it went in.”

Daniel Pink‘s definition is: “Giving the world something it didn’t know it was missing.”

The English Oxford Dictionary‘s definition is: “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”


Now, according to ‘Psychology Today’ creativity cannot be taught. In 2011 they wrote, you can teach everyone how to use a hammer or knitting needles.

But knowing how to use a hammer or a knitting needle doesn’t make you creative. Visualizing, dimensionally manipulating or modeling the chairs you build in your mind’s eye won’t necessarily make you creative either. Whether material or mental…

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Downsides of ACX royalty share deal #AuthorToolboxBlogHop #WriterWednesday #BookMarketing #audiobooks

D.E. Haggerty

For the past two or three years, industry ‘experts’ have been pushing audiobooks. It’s the fastest growing market segment, they tell us. Although I’m interested in increasing my market share, I’ve been dragging my feet at jumping into the audiobook market. I’m not exactly jumping up and down at the idea of learning yet another segment of the market. Quiet possibly, I’m just lazy.

acxFor those of us writers who have been sitting on the fence because of the cost of producing an audiobook, ACX offers a royalty share deal. This deal allows you to pay nothing out of pocket to have an audiobook produced! You forego upfront payment in exchange for agreeing to share your royalty earnings equally with your producer for the life of the audiobook.

Sounds like an awesome deal! Why am I still hesitating? (Besides, there just not being enough hours in the day.) There are…

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There IS a Wrong Way to Write a Book Review!


This week I read a blog post that asserted there is no right or wrong way to write a book review. The writer made some good points, particularly about reviews needing to be individual and personal responses to a book, but I disagree with the basic premise of the article.

I am writing this post from the perspective of a reader, not an author, and I realise that some people won’t agree with me, so let me explain my reasons.

A book review should never recount the story of the book. It shouldn’t give spoilers. Yet time after time, I see reviews that do exactly that. My issue is that if I already know what is going to happen, I feel as though I no longer need to read the book. The joy of the journey has been neutralised. That review has effectively cost the author a sale. 

In all…

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How to avoid analysis paralysis in your marketing

Author Ari Meghlen Official Website

It’s Monday Marketing time people! On other news, I am finally fully back online.  Woohoo.  We are in our new home, still surrounded by more boxes than I’d like, but we’re getting there.

Thanks for all the comments, faves and follows and for your patience.  I have been making my way through replying to them all.

How to avoid analysis paralysis in your marketing. Image of Yes and No signs. Image from Pixabay

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