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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Shadow and Friends Ocean Adventure: Shadow and Friends, Book 8 is an animal adventure storybook for children written by Mary L Schmidt, S. Jackson, and A. Raymond. Uncle Stubby had exciting news for his wife and son about their friend Zippy’s adventures in Florida. Zippy and his girlfriend, Patches, had gone snorkeling and had a grand time. Soon, every squirrel around knew about Zippy’s adventure, and so did Shadow and Max, their two dog friends. The rodent friends and their canine companions decided to go on their own snorkeling adventure, and they took Pilot Squirrel’s Rodent Road Adventures Jet to Miami, Florida. From there, it was a short trip to the Florida Keys where they lounged on the beach, snorkeled, and Uncle Stubby even traveled on a small submarine. They visited Key West and Key Largo and were amazed at the colorful and unique underwater creatures they saw. The friends also played pirate and actually found a treasure chest filled with delectable treats for squirrels and dogs. This had to be one of their best adventures yet.

Shadow and Friends Ocean Adventure brings readers right onto the beach and into the tropical waters off the Florida Keys as Shadow and friends have a grand new adventure. The authors’ story is fun, and kids learn about ecology and snorkeling along the way. As I read this, I wished that I too had access to Pilot Squirrel’s Rodent Road Adventures Jet and was even now winging my way towards the tropical waters of Florida Keys. The illustrations are wonderful, especially those showcasing the marine life to be found when snorkeling, and the characters are convincing and fun. Shadow and Friends Ocean Adventure is most highly recommended. FIVE STARS!

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