Live Today!!!! New Edition!

When Angels Fly


#LiveToday! #99cents! “Abuse, heartache, love and losing a child. Never did she give up on love. ‘When Angels Fly‘ well worth the read.”

Review: Sarah is wracked with every possible adverse event a mother could face. She grew up with the mother from “hell,” a woman who dragged her around the house by her hair. To get away, she married a man who was an alcoholic and a wife beater, mentally and physically. Sarah finally found the happiness she sought in the baby, Joshua, who passed away early on. Then came two other healthy boys, Noah and Eli. Things were looking up for Sarah. Until the unthinkable happened. Eli came down with Cancer, a rare and aggressive form that zapped the life out of him. This is the story of Sarah’s struggle to care for and keep Eli alive with the help of some superb medical professionals…

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