The Swarm that Swarmed


The Swarm that Swarmed book blurb found on Amazon:

Join twins Vivian and Fil, along with best friend Tia, on their first day of summer break in the town of Tillsonbug. What happens when they discover runaway bees? See how the threesome get into mischief and learn a few sticky lessons along the way. This short story is full of humour, adventure, and original hand-illustrated water colour art.

With bees so precariously surviving at the moment, The
Swarm that Swarmed encourages and enthuses children to
be environmentally aware and responsible.
– Linda’s Book Bag Blog

It is one of those tales that will make you reminisce about
your own youth of discovery as you read it to your kids. It
really is an adorable story with sweet illustrations. It is a
story that will make you smile.
– Reader Review

My Review: 

I adored this book from the start. The artwork is really cute, refreshing, and unique from other illustrated children’s books I’ve read. I was further amazed to find that the author was able to incorporate a large amount of text on each page. That certainly does help children read more wordage and makes the story more vibrant (I am an illustrator for picture books myself). The downside is the text is smaller, but still fitting for for 8 – 10 year old kids. I loved the characters and the twins in this read, and the others made for a lively bunch with unique personalities. Add in a swarm of bees and boom! You have a great early reader book! Learning how bees drink nectar, how they help to pollinate plant life and flowers, and what the role of each bee means is a perfect learning experience for children. This is a solid five star book for ages 5 – 10 with the little ones having the story read to them.   

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