Sacred Sunday

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Tales From The Book Dragon

5 Flames

Blessed Sunday, My Fellow Book Dragons. Our Gem this evening is delicate, a bright blue, it looks beautiful and perfect at first, but under the surface is a corruption, a malignancy that seems to fill every corner, but there is another layer – a final layer that comes shining through. White -brilliant, clear, and sweet. That is Faith. The Gem Maker is S. Jackson, but her real name is Mary L. Schmidt.

Mary’s story is for every parent. Every parent who loves their child. But also, every parent who has been abused as a child, every parent who is abused by the other parent. Every parent who has an abusive ex-spouse. Especially, every parent who has lost a child to cancer, to disease, to birth defect or accident. Unthinkable, unspeakable. The unimaginable loss. As Mary calls it in the book, the KING of Loss. I have never lost…

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