Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part 1


Amazon book blurb: 

“Buying a country estate in France seemed such a simple thing to accomplish. When Beth, her irascible husband Jack, and their two fat dogs set off, little do they know that it will become such an extraordinary adventure. Surviving near-death experiences, they drive thousands of kilometres around French estates steeped in history and crazy aristocrats. Will they find their dream home, or return to Britain defeated? This is the hilarious first installment in the Fat Dogs series.”

My review:

I just finished reading Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part 1, by Beth Haslam. I totally found this book to be full of fun and European style humor. Hopping around France while looking at estates that weren’t really what the specs had written, and meeting quite few eccentric persons whose characters are well written, made me laugh to myself many times. I must say that I don’t find Jack to be “irascible” at all. This is a short read, easy to finish in less than a day. Five Stars. 

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