Sugar’s Faith: An Amputee Romance

From Amazon:

When Donovan Walsh comforts his wife with the words, Níl aon suáilce gan a duáilce féin, there are no unmixed blessings in life, he had no way of knowing how quickly he would live those words. While visiting Ireland, Sugar and Van stay in a familiar place. A place filled with the ghosts and lies of his past.

Stumbling through the deception of his early life, Van waltzes dangerously close to losing his future. Will a voice from the past be the one to give him the answers, or will he find them in the blue eyes of his forever love?

My Review:

I just finished this truly amazing book! The writing superb, the story arcs with suspense, everything! If you need faith, hope, and love, read this book! God bless Mettner for helping so many other people. She is a true gem. Five stars. I hope to blog this book when well from #covid19

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