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50 Blogging Topics for Authors – by Frances Caballo… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

on Social Media Just for Writers: Do you struggle with coming up with blogging topics? Hey, I wouldn’t be honest if I said that blogging is such a breeze, I could do it in my sleep. Or when I’m sleep-deprived. There are times when blogging topics come to me in bunches. I could be sitting […]

50 Blogging Topics for Authors – by Frances Caballo… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog
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Social Media For Authors: How To Use Social Media For Promotion – by Angelica Hartgers… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

on Self Publishing: Social media for authors is an integral part of the modern book marketing landscape. In 2020, there are over 3.8 billion total social media users across the globe logging into their favorite platforms. Of course, you want to reach out and let them know about your book. But which platforms should you […]

Social Media For Authors: How To Use Social Media For Promotion – by Angelica Hartgers… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

The Dispilio Tablet- Revising the Origins and Development of Writing — Nicholas C. Rossis

How old is writing? If we believe the common narrative, writing emerged in Sumeria in the third millennium BC. Others consider the Jiahu symbols from China or the Vinča symbols from Serbia as examples as the first writing. However, new archeological data keeps changing these theories. A 7,000-year-old tablet found in Greece contradicts the traditional […]

The Dispilio Tablet- Revising the Origins and Development of Writing — Nicholas C. Rossis
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Book is available at Amazon stores worldwide ‘”When Angels Fly” is making WORLD news!


Wonderful news about my memoir, When Angels Fly

This book, along with others from The Indie Authors Wall of Fame has been making world news in several media outlets as follows:



Digital Journal

Midplains News Channel


Zu Articles


Los Angeles Bubble life


WHEN ANGELS FLY by S. Jackson, A. Raymond, and M. Schmidt is a multi-award-winning memoir inspired by her son, Sam aka Eli. After surviving the cruel rage of tyranny from her mother and ex-husband, Sarah Jackson traveled a new path; a journey of loss, heartbreak, and ultimately strength. How do we survive the unthinkable, our child suffering from a terminal illness? They say there is no greater loss than that of a child; I say losing a child is the king of loss. Sometimes the thing that helps us survive it, is knowing we are not alone. Bestselling author, Sarah Jackson, will take you on her journey of hope and strength as she provides an intimate raw look at her life.


2016 New Apple Official Selection eBook Award

2016 Circle of Books Ring of Honor Silver 2nd Place Award

2016 Amazon Number One Best Selling Book

2016 McGrath House Indie Book Awards Finalist

2016 Readers Favorite Five Star Book Award

2017 Literary Titan Silver 2nd Place Award

2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist

2018 Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medalist

Editorial Reviews


“Life-affirming! So touching and down to earth… It has changed my way of viewing life forever! Beautifully written, deeply touching, spiritually blessed through God!” Grant Leischman, Author

“Excellent read. Tragic story of a woman and the abuse she suffered growing up and later in marriage. This book shows the struggles she faced while in an abusive marriage, losing two children, and one child’s battle with cancer. She tells of hospital life while sitting by her son’s bed and having to be 230 miles away from her other child. And how she finds true love and a man to love, cherish, help her through, and spend the rest of her life with. Janese Base, RN, BSN

“When Angels Fly” covers a very difficult and painful subject, but being written in diary form made it an easier process for me to read. This memoir shows not only the tragedy of a sick child, but abuse. I read the words of an amazingly strong woman who advocates for her children. Some parts of the book, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but Sarah had a support system in place in the middle of that chaos. I learned a lot about hospital procedures, tests, and being a patient advocate. I felt every emotion reading this. My heart went out to the authors, but I was inspired by Sarah’s strength, and above all love. This is a book for those going through difficult times, but it is also for those who aren’t– so they can understand.” D.L. Finn, Author

“This is a powerful and moving story! I laughed a few times, got angry more than once, cringed a lot, and my eyes got sweaty quite a few times.” Mark Schultz, Word Refiner

“This was a heart-wrenching story! The protagonist suffered abuse first, from her mother – a mother from hell, and then her husband, who was a maniac, a sociopath, a psychopath and any other “path” I could find to throw at him! Life threw Sarah an ugly curve with the scourge of cancer that ravaged her son Eli for several months. I wanted to know what happened with Eli, and how things ended between Sarah and Henry. I also wanted to know what happened to her mother. I was glued to the story until the end.” Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Author

“I admired Sarah’s love and devotion to her children and her loving heart comes through. How she managed to cope with the mother’s ongoing abuse through her son’s illness is beyond belief.” Julie Watson, Author

“A book to touch the very core of your soul, ‘When Angels Fly’ will require plenty of tissues.” Grant Leishman, Author

“For me, this book encapsulates the human spirit. Everyone should read it! When Angels Fly does exactly what it sets out to do I believe – it reminds us that “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

“I just couldn’t put it down… I kept anticipating the next pages!”

“This story is one of hope and triumph, not defeat!”

“So touching and down to earth… It has changed my way of viewing life forever! Beautifully written, deeply touching, spiritually blessed through God!”

“Gripping… This is a must-read for those who enjoy following a personal, passionate and ultimately uplifting journey.”

“It takes a certain amount of strength to live the sort of life Jackson has and not only overcome that life, but write it down in detail to share with the world. That may be inspirational to some, but to me it’s heroic.”

When Angels Fly was certainly a tough memoir to write, but it had to be done. So many struggle with similar issues, and they need to know that they are not alone. The cycle of abuse is such that when leaving one bad situation and falling into another is part of the cycle of abuse. Take a look at the positives, the points in helping others get out of abusive situations, the positives of being an advocate for your sick child, the positives of keeping a hold onto one’s faith.


Does it get any easier losing a child/children? Somewhat… Is it possible for a parent to be happy their child/ children are perfect in Heaven above and feel peace with that? Sure… (It took me twenty-three years for Eli and somewhat less for Joshua) Can a parent ever “get over” losing a child/children? No. This is the KING of loss. We can be happy that they are perfect in Heaven and sad at times when we miss them the most. Bereaved parents are continually re-writing each day as this is the new “normal.” This won’t change. We will think of our loss when other children reach milestones such as first tooth, first steps, first words, kindergarten, holidays, best friend, graduation, prom, falling in love, first kiss, learning to drive, getting married, the list is endless. The WORST things you can ever say to a parent who has suffered the KING of loss, ever after one, ten, twenty, or more years? “You should be over it by now,” or “Move on with life.” You see we are moving on with life, we just do it one hour or day at a time, re-writing life as we go along.

~S. Jackson, October 2014

The book is available at Amazon stores worldwide ‘”When Angels Fly” is making WORLD news!

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Hyphens and Compound Words #amwriting — Life in the Realm of Fantasy

National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. I am busy writing incomprehensible words that will require a great deal of revising and editing. But all that aside, this perfectly good post on hyphens and compound words was just lying around, so here you go! It was first posted on June 26, 2017, and since […]

Hyphens and Compound Words #amwriting — Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Tips for Avoiding Grammar Mistakes — Nicholas C. Rossis

Checking out grammar mistakes is quite easy—but only when you are not editing and proofreading your work by yourself. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to catch things that would jump out of the page right away, were they written by someone else. Sadly enough, typos and little grammar mistakes have the power to destroy the readability […]

Tips for Avoiding Grammar Mistakes — Nicholas C. Rossis
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Bria BUTTERFLY’S SCARY SCHOOL DAY: children’s picture book, bedtime story about kindergarten

A wonderful book for kids starting preschool or kindergarten!

I fell in love with this book. First of all, the graphics and design are simply charming. So many creatures in one book. The story starts off with Brie Butterfly getting ready to start kindergarten. Brie was scared to start kindergarten and she was scared if the bus, the teacher, the principal, the school building, everything. Brie liked rainbows, and especially lots of glitter. Brie finally got on the school bus and the driver, Mr. Caterpillar was nice. That made Brie happy. The front of the school was covered in a rainbow and glitter. Brie wasn’t scared of the school. Her teacher, Ms Firefly, was nice, and held Brie’s hand as she took her into her classroom. The classroom had rainbows and all things Brie liked. Her teacher and her classroom were not scary at all. A ladybug girl told Brie hello and asked her to be her friend. Brie agreed. She had a new friend. The principal was introduced by her teacher and he was friendly and nice. Nothing scary at all. On the way home, Brie was excited and could not wait to tell her family about her day. This book teaches kids to not be afraid of starting school. Five stars.

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