Un Tractor Llamado Wilbur: Las Amistades Duran Para Siempre

From Amazon: “Wilbur es un pequeño tractor tímido. Le encanta cortar la hierba para Jim. Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando debe encontrar un nuevo hogar? ¿Jim seguirá siendo su amigo? ¿Quién será su nuevo dueño? A Wilbur le encantaría que lo llevaras a casa y leyeras su aventura.”Una historia encantadora que capturará la imaginación de los niños y estoy seguro de que se convertirá en una de las historias favoritas a la hora de dormir.”

My Review: “Oh my. I just read this awesome book for kids. Wilbur, a red tractor, caught my attention. First of all, he’s functional in helping farmer, Jim, with chores and doing new chores. The relationship between human and tractor is like life, tears included and with feelings. Life lessons to be learned, great to stretch your wings past the point that you think you can’t go past. I loved the six questions in the back asking kids what they remember of this story. Wonderful illustrations. Perfect five star book.”

4 thoughts on “Un Tractor Llamado Wilbur: Las Amistades Duran Para Siempre

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Mary. Wilbur and I are thrilled you enjoyed his Spanish version. My sister, Holly, gets all of the credit for Wilbur’s illustrations. She and I love working together and we’re looking working on a new book for Wilbur’s series.

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  2. She is indeed, Mary. Holly started taking art lessons with a famous local artist, Ray Quigley, who was a family friend. She gave Wilbur his cute personality. 🙂

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