How to Pin to Twitter @MaryLSchmidt #ASMSG

Create an account on Pinterest.
Create boards for your account about things that interest you. Sample of some of my boards above. Note: Two of the above boards were created by others and I was invited to pin to those boards freely.
I decided to pin the image on the left to the board that shows a red “save” icon. On Twitter, hover your mouse over the upper left corner of the book image you wish to pin, then simply scroll down to your board of choice, and click “save”.
Sample image above so you can note that “Children’s Books” has a little icon of two persons on the right. This is one of the boards I have been invited to pin books to. Pretty cool, hun?
After pinning, I reply with a retweet that I “Pinned to #Pinterest” on the cover I just posted. Note: I usually only pin non-animated posts. They are way easier to do. I love pinning book covers as it’s lots of fun for me and we all can use a little free boost now and then. Once you start to do this, you will see it goes really fast in pinning for others and yourself.
Above is a simply screenshot of the pins that greeted me this morning when logged into Pinterest. Every single book cover that I pin runs down this feed. Oftentimes, I re-pin the ones I love and want to keep in my own stash of likes or things I want to make or purchase later on.

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