In the Land of Boxes

Found of Amazon: In the Land of Boxes is the story of a young boy who is discovering what it means to be himself. His world is filled with the most incredible boxes! Some are tall; some are tiny. Some have colours brighter than you could ever imagine, and some have patterns that will make your eyes cross! And these are the boxes he lives in. But as he gets older, people try to put in him different boxes . . . some with no colour at all! In the Land of Boxes aims to teach children to be themselves and honour the unique aspects of who they are as they grow up. So, close your eyes and squeeze tight! Can you see it? Can you see all of the marvelous things that make you shine? The best possible you is where they combine!…

My Review: Simply wonderful! I loved this book because it let’s kids know that it’s fine to be unique and to be themselves. Kids learn that they can venture into other boxes, or aspects of life, to see how they fit in or how they like or don’t like any particular environment. Kids can be adventurous and at the same time, they can remain true to themselves. Five stars.

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