Don’t Bruise the Bananas

From Amazon: A Free Pass For a Lifetime…

“Intense emotion, leading to prose or poetry, cannot be described in any other fashion… I embrace Jay’s existence with the honor he deserves, because he always got me, even when I didn’t get myself.”

Returning from the award winning Cindy’s Crusade’s Series, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems and the sequel The Sugar Ticket, kindly join Cindy and Jay DeMatteo’s journey in the third saga Don’t Bruise the Bananas, as these two lovebirds approach the seven year itch.

Laugh with this special couple as they re-nest, hope that their treasured memories will inspire their relationship to grow stronger, and pray as they experience hard challenges they never expected to face.

My Review: This is a must read book. It will forever change your mind about life, and true love. This book is chock full of heart and soul. Ricci wrote from her heart in a powerful manner. Lots of jokes and laughs entwined with illness. Truly a five star must read! You won’t regret reading. To know person, one must first know their truth. The truth in this book and astronomical!

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