The Clubhouse Cabobble #ChildrenBooks

The Clubhouse Cabobble by Kristy Jo Volchko

From Amazon: Summer has arrived at Cackleberry Creek, and your favorite wacky critters are tearing up the farm with another hilarious adventure! All Lulu and her gal pals want more than anything in the world is a clubhouse of their very own to decorate pink and to keep their arts and crafts dry from the rain. So when one doozy of a storm sweeps through Cackleberry, leaving behind a fallen mighty oak tree lying on its side, the gals can hardly believe their luck. The perfect clubhouse! But when they discover that the fellows have already decided it’s going be their new den, the battle for the clubhouse begins! Neither side is about to give in, and the critters turn the farm upside down competing for their beloved prize. After a lot of silly shenanigans, a few sneaky tricks, and some rough waters, will they decide that their friendship is really the best prize of all?

My Review: I loved this delightful children’s picture book! All of the animals at Cackleberry Creek are friendly and helpful with each other. After a rain storm, the guys helped to clean up and the girls wove baskets until they decided to make a yummy lunch for the guys and their hard work. While eating, the girls told the guys that they were going to decorate a new club house in a fallen old hollow tree with lots of pink used. The said no, they saw the tree first and it was to be their den. To settle the dispute, a race in the creek was planned with rafts. The boys raft ended up sinking and the girls rescued them! The girls won the race but lost old tree as it was being cut up for wood to burn. Surprise! The beaver family had spent the day building a wooden tree house that had rooms for the girl animals and rooms for the guys. Such a sweet ending. Five stars!

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