A Voice in the Night: An #Adventure of #Mystery and #Suspense

A Voice in the Night: An Adventure of Mystery and Suspense by Ernestine Dail

From Amazon: Chief Bradshaw, a small-town police officer of Shallow Springs, consults with private investigator Bob Barrett to solve the mystery of a jewel heist that led Chief Bradshaw to Blackstone Cabin. Teenagers Brian, Josh, and Thomas arrived at Blackstone Cabin in the middle of the night during a raging storm. With a hooded stranger banging on the door, they desperately wished for Josh’s father Mr. Joplin to return from town to protect them. Will Mr. Joplin return in time to save the boys from danger, or will the boys open the door to the frantic knocking of the stranger outside? “Open the door!” “Open the door now!”

My Review: Set goals and aim high is a positive mantra. This book is full of positive narrative mixed with one troubled teen. Taking lunch money from some kids at school doesn’t mean that the kid stole diamonds from a store burglary. The heist was more complicated than the teen could have pulled off. Look for the good and never believe in the bad in a person until proven guilty. Overall, a good read for middle graders. Some edits need to be done. Five stars.

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