ALPHABETIC: The very beginning of life and deeds, bundled in rhymes for you to conceive!

ALPHABETIC: The very beginning of life and deeds, bundled in rhymes for you to conceive! By Kanika D. Luthra 

From Amazon: Alphabetic is intended for young children. It exemplifies letters with words containing six categories opening the twenty – six alphabets. These are Animals, Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, an Object, and a Profession. Each word under the category is briefly rhymed with its top description. The rhyming structure is appealing and operates as a meaningful aid to educate. Alphabetic does not limit the thoughts of the child to “A for Apple”, “B for a Ball”, or “C for a Cat” but takes it from there and beyond. It has an extensive approach to cover a wider spectrum of things around. Besides, the lines in this book are advanced for an early reading level of children. Befittingly, when kids are exposed to highly developed inventory of words they muster great vocabulary. Alphabetic is a meritorious read by parents for their children. It stimulates dialogue and promotes connection. Happy reading!

My Review: This book is awesome! Stupendous, even, as this story takes on each letter of the alphabet and it rhymes, in a flow of expertise, and words for kids to learn in a fun manner. The words for each letter are not what is normally seen and read in alphabet books. This book is on a much higher level and in a class of its own. Pictures aren’t needed. The flow and descriptions are more than enough. Five stars! 100 stars if I could give that many.

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