The Sugar Ticket by #SusanJeanRicci #Romance #Humor

From Amazon: From the award winning Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, Cindy and Jay DeMatteo return in the sequel The Sugar Ticket, a tale that chronicles their marital journey as they alleviate a sour past and embrace a sweeter future together. Join these two midlife adolescents as they learn how to gently overcome their marital hurdles, especially with Christmas and a special birthday on the horizon. Cindy and Jay are always stepping out of the box of normalcy, while they explore new adventures, both the exhilarating and the humdrum. Enjoy their light-hearted humor and occasional rants, while they meet their daily tribulations head on. Cheer for them as they face the most fundamental challenge of all: Staying in love forever.

My Review: Wowser! This book is a beautiful love story and more. I loved how Jay and Cindy were friends and built their love deeper from that starting point. Humor is found in abundance and a bit of spiritual awareness completes this book. Five stars! Truly this is, indeed, an amazing story of love and life.

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