The Coal Miner’s Son


From Amazon: After tragedy hits the small coal mining village of Wintermore, nine-year-old miner’s son, George, is sent to Granville Hall to live with his titled grandparents. Caught up in a web of treachery and deceit, George grows up believing his mother sold him. He’s determined to make her pay, but at what cost? Is he strong enough to rebel? Will George ever learn to forgive? Step back into the 60s and follow George as he struggles with bereavement, rejection and a kidnapping that changes his life forever. Resistance is George’s only hope.

My Review: I found The Coal Miner’s Son to be an incredible read and I completely immersed myself into several characters. I don’t like giving away too many events in my reviews, but this books is all about family, the good and the bad. Betrayal happens to George, more than once, and by many people as a child. George suffered a lot, many loses, cruelty, kidnapping, thrust into situations as no child should be, and age age 18, his birthday actually, he told his loved ones that he would make decisions with one of them being therapy due to all the traumas in his life. George was smart and knew what he needed. Reading about him being successful in therapy was the fulfillment of seeing his bright future ahead of him. Five huge stars!!!!!

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