What Little Girls Can Do? #kidlit

Grab your copy here!

From Amazon: What Little Girls Can Do! is a rhyming book that encourages all girls to dream big and follow dreams. The message is clear and socially timely girls can do anything they wish to do!

My Review: I loved this cute and perfect rhyming story for girls. Girls need to know from a young age, all of the possibilities they have for their future in the types of work they may or may not do This story exemplifies that girls can be more than a nurse, store clerk, hair stylist, and know that I’m NOT knocking those professions as I’m a registered nurse. Girls need to dream of being a zoo keeper or pilot large jets and other types of work. The sky is the limit, literally, as girls can be astronauts. Five stars for teaching girls that they can be whatever they want to be when older.

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