To Catch a Feather #Romance #Review

From Amazon: You’re everything my mind didn’t realise my heart was praying for’ When tragedy strikes an already vulnerable Kate Winters, she retreats into herself, broken and beaten. Existing rather than living, she makes a journey North to try to find herself, or maybe just looking for some sort of closure. Cameron McAllister has known his own share of grief and love lost. His son, Josh, is now his only priority. In his forties and running a small coffee shop in a tiny Scottish fishing village, Cal knows he is unlikely to find love again. When the two meet and sparks fly, can they overcome their past losses and move on towards a shared future, or are the memories which haunt them still too real? A story of hope and longing, of despair and doubt, can Kate and Cal find their happily ever after? The first in the ‘Found in Fife’ series, this story can be read as a standalone novel.

My Review: This is a wonderful romance story. What makes this romance unique is that the heroine lost her first love in a tragic accident, yet she found her true soul mate the second time romance called out to her, wrapped with the confines of poor mental health, and addiction to pain killers that almost killed her. This story will resonate with others who have loved and lost. Five stars.

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