On the Doorstep: A heartwarming story of falling in love whilst living with a confining mental illness

From Amazon: In her twenties, single and with the Covid-19 pandemic almost behind her, Abigail should be living her best life. Which she is, as long as it’s within the confines of her own home. The problem is, Abi can’t bring herself to leave the house. Suffering from agoraphobia, her life now revolves around her work as a freelance web designer, her art hobby business, and her infrequent chats with her attractive delivery driver, Sean. When things progress towards a relationship, Abi’s happy to welcome him into her home, but what will happen when Sean wants to take her out? A story of courage and limitations, of anxiety and baby steps, interwoven with sweet romance and more than a sprinkling of hope. There are no miracle cures or quick fixes in this standalone novella, just support, understanding, and a whole lot of love!

My Review: This was an interesting short story. Phobias can be completely overwhelming and sink an individual into complete despair. I liked that this story brought to light some of what a person feels when struck with a phobia that wouldn’t let the protagonist leave her home. Hope is a beautiful thing, and anyone with a phobia needs reinforcement to overcome their fear.

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