Sentenced to Heaven #Comedy #bookreview

From Amazon: A humorous, feel-good tale to keep you laughing! Alan has been accused of being a vampire, a vampire in heaven. His canine buddy, a little Pekingese named Nippy, also comes under question. No one understands how Alan has managed it, but his heavenly body has changed. He has actual blood coursing through his heavenly vessel, and he’s become addicted to the stuff. When he’s labeled a vampire, everyone becomes concerned that his condition could spread. As a result, heaven is placed under quarantine. Its pearly gates are closed until the mystery is solved. Fortunately, Alan gets help from unexpected sources, including heaven’s canine community. A little dog named Nippy becomes a friend that supports Alan as he tries to find a solution to his woes. Mayhem and laughter come together to make this a tale that will leave you smiling.

My Review: This is the first book that I’ve read by Bazinet. She has woven a lovely take on heaven and a vampire, one that takes caring about others to new level. We all can learn from the narrative, laugh, commiserate with the loss, and be happy regardless of what comes our way. For Alan to realize his full self, finally, was scripted within this book. Five stars.

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