Broken Twigs #ChapterBook #kidlit

From Amazon: Having escaped through the magical doorway in an old, gnarly tree, Twigs and Thistle enter the ravaged realm of the thunderbird. Trees have been burned, mountains scarred and not a single living creature can be seen in this desolate land. But then the friends discover some hideaways who are living in fear. A foolish choice has been made, and now the protected have become the hunted. The angered thunderbird wants revenge, and Twigs and Thistle must face the mythical beast in order to improve their chances of finding a doorway home. In this, the second book of the enchanting series, Broken Twigs, the feisty fae and her elf friend must find their courage if they ever hope to see Faerie Forest again.

My Review: I found this book to be an awesome fantasy filled with fairies, and more, in a truly make-believe setting. The characters come to life with the illustrations that support them. Children learn many lessons and honesty is one lesson. Children learn what can happen if one steals what isn’t theirs, and the consequences of such acts. Highly recommended.

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